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Child support might present special issues for high earners

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Family Law |

Ohio’s Child Support Guidelines help to ensure that the judges in this state issue child support orders fairly and consistently.

The guidelines provide a detailed formula for courts to use to calculate support. Basically, the formula looks at each parent’s income, the household’s expenses and deductions and the amount of time each parent spends with the children.

The idea is that each parent pays a fair share of the expenses for raising the child, whether directly or in form of a child support payment to the other parent.

For many parents, calculating child support may involve little more than submitting their paystubs. However, those in the Cincinnati area who are high earners, or who have a lot wealth, may find themselves in a different situation.

Many high earners get their income from a number of sources. Frequently, the income is not regular and does not get documented on a pay stub. It also may be easier for someone of means to hide their true income.

Figuring child support for a high earner may involve a detailed financial review.

There may even be arguments over what should count as a parent’s income. For example, many executives get bonuses reliably, but the bonuses are technically not guaranteed and the amounts can vary.

Some parents might be able to ask for additional support for their child’s needs

One point in child support is to make sure that the child continues to enjoy the standard of living they had when their divorced parents lived together.

Judges have to have a good reason to deviate from the guidelines. One good reason is that additional support

Parents might be able to seek additional child support for their child’s unique educational or other needs. They may also be able to get consideration for their children’s medical needs or for other unusual expenses or circumstances.

Especially if they are high-earners, southern Ohio parents should make sure they understand their legal rights with respect to child support.