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Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

Domestic disputes often occur due to the emotional turmoil that arises from divorce and child custody issues. The Lampe Law Office, LLC, provides legal representation to both the victims and the accused in domestic disputes and family law matters.

Domestic violence claims can be brought up in either civil or criminal court. At the Lampe Law Office, LLC, we have represented many parties in domestic disputes. It is important that a party in a domestic dispute seeks legal advice in order to ensure the protection of his or her rights.

Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order

A Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order (DVCPO) is a method to limit or prohibit contact between a victim and abuser. A DVCPO is granted to victims in Domestic Relations proceedings who have a special relationship with an abuser and meet the legal definition of being in danger of domestic violence. DVCPOs can last for years at a time, and a violation of a DVCPO can result in jail time for the abuser. There is no cost to obtain a DVCPO. Types of DVCPOs include:

  • Temporary Protection Orders
  • Stalking Civil Protection Orders
  • Stalking Protection Orders

Temporary Restraining Order

In a divorce, a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) will likely be issued. This order forbids the spouses from stalking, threatening, hitting, abusing, harassing or injuring one another.

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