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What Is A Petition For Dissolution?

When a marriage is no longer working, many couples turn to divorce as a way of ending a marriage. However, a marital dissolution may be a less stressful and less expensive option for couples who are able to collaborate with each other during the termination process. The lawyers at The Lampe Law Office, LLC, have many combined years of practice in dissolution proceedings, and their extensive knowledge of the law will ensure thorough representation.

Unlike divorce, there are no “grounds” for a dissolution. In the state of Ohio, a dissolution is a “no-fault” proceeding to legally end a marriage.

A Petition for Dissolution is not filed with the court until the parties have come to a mutual agreement. A dissolution is usually a quicker and less expensive alternative to a divorce because there is no court involvement until a separation agreement is reached. However, a dissolution can only be utilized when the parties agree on all of the marital issues, and if the parties cannot resolve all of the issues between them, then one of the parties must file a complaint requesting a divorce.

When the parties to a dissolution reach an agreement, a joint petition incorporating the Separation Agreement is filed for the court’s review and approval. The Separation Agreement can contain all parenting issues within it, or the parties may agree to a Shared Parenting Plan, which is separate. After the filing, a hearing will then take place within 30 to 90 days, where both parties must appear and testify that they have made a full disclosure of assets and liabilities to one another, that they have voluntarily entered into and signed the separation agreement, and that they both want the marriage dissolved. After hearing both parties’ testimony, the court must approve the Separation Agreement and thereafter terminate the marriage.

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