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Appealing A Ruling From Family Court Proceedings

In a contested divorce or a child custody dispute, it is common for one side to be unhappy with the outcome. But the judge’s ruling is final and binding – unless there was a legal error or anomaly in the proceedings. If you believe that the court’s decision was wrong or patently unfair, you may have grounds to file an appeal. A family law appeal lawyer can help you make your appeal.

At The Lampe Law Office, LLC, we understand how devastating an improper ruling can be and how difficult it is to reverse such an injustice. Our attorneys have a solid track record of successfully appealing family court rulings. We will methodically pursue your legal remedy.

Don’t Hesitate. Time Is Short.
There is a brief window to appeal an adverse ruling of the family court. Contact us today before the deadline passes.

What Is An Appeal? How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

You can’t appeal simply because you did not like the judge’s decision. There must be a specific reason anchored in the law or court procedure, and we must show that the error tipped the scales of justice in the wrong direction. Our experienced appellate lawyers can gauge if you have valid grounds for an appeal.

What Family Law Matters Can Be Appealed?

Only certain final appealable orders are subject to appeal:

An appeal might apply to a specific motion or one specific aspect of a divorce settlement or custody award.

Grounds For Appeal And The Appeals Process

There are many valid reasons for appealing a decision of the court or the outcome of a proceeding. Some of the most common grounds for appeal in a family law case are:

  • Misapplication of the law or legal standard by the presiding judge
  • Improperly excluding or allowing testimony

An appeal is not a new trial. The appellate court does not relitigate the case. An appeal is strictly based on a reading of the trial transcript and other court documents. The panel of justices will consider arguments from each side and later issue their finding. The appeals court may allow the original ruling to stand. It may remand the case back to the trial court to revisit a particular issue. It may overturn the trial court’s ruling or overturn a specific part of the original decision.

Choose Wisely When Hiring An Family Law Appeal Attorney

Not all family law attorneys handle appeals. It requires intimate knowledge of Ohio law. It requires the ability to condense complex legal arguments into clear and compelling written briefs. And it requires a lawyer who is well-versed in the client’s case and the law. We are true litigators who embrace the appeals process and understand the gravity of what is at stake for our clients.

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