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No divorces are exactly the same. Why? Because of the different goals, circumstances and personalities of the people involved. At The Lampe Law Office, LLC, our team has decades of Ohio divorce experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of the myriad issues that divorcing couples and families face. You can rest assured that we will fight tirelessly to protect your children, your interests and your future.

We Help With Many Facets Of The Divorce Process

Our goal is that you feel better, more informed and confident of your path with each interaction with us. While you may be one of two “parties’ in divorce negotiations or litigation, to us, you are the person we are serving. We feel it is this attitude – one of utter service – that sets what we do apart.

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We can help with any type of divorce. From the amicable, garden-variety divorce to complex situations with contested, significant assets at stake. We have extensive experience and success with divorces that involve a business, multiple assets or elevated net worth. Connect with us to speak with a divorce attorney today.

The Ohio Divorce Process

Many people wonder about how the Ohio divorce laws will affect their split. If you are considering filing for divorce, here is the basic process:

  1. You or your spouse will need to have been a resident in Ohio for at least six months.
  2. You need to decide if you and your spouse agree to divorce and will work together to amicably dissolve the marriage. If you work together, you can file for an uncontested divorce. If you don’t work together and do not agree on the big issues, then yours is a contested divorce.
  3. You and your spouse will need to sign the petition for the dissolution of the marriage.
  4. Your petition should include a proposed separation agreement that includes how you divide your property, whether there will be spousal support, child custody and visitation arrangements, child support and other specific matters related to your marriage.
  5. If you are not able to reach a divorce settlement with your spouse, you will need to file for divorce at the Court of Common Pleas. You will need to site a “ground” or reason for your divorce.  There are 11 grounds for divorce in Ohio.

It is always in your best interest to understand your rights and options when it comes to dissolving your marriage. No matter which route you choose, our team is prepared to offer personal, supportive and seasoned counsel.

Let’s Get Together And Discuss Your Divorce

To arrange a consultation with a member of our team, call our West Chester office at 800-542-4495. You can also connect with the firm via our online contact form. We  handle divorce matters for clients throughout Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties.