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How to handle the first school year following a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law |

While we might still be in the dog days of summer, school will begin in Cincinnati within a matter of weeks. Parents who divorced during the summer will face new issues as their child enters school that they would not have faced while married. The following are some issues parents will want to consider before the first day of school following a divorce to ensure the school year runs smoothly.

Communication during the school year

Ensure you, your child’s other parent and the school are on the same page regarding school communication. Some families prefer for the custodial parent to be the primary or even sole communicant with their child’s school. Other families ask the school to provide two copies of all communications, including report cards, one for each parent.

Pick-up and drop-off

Also, parents must agree, and let the school know, who will drop off and pick up the child from school. Schools must be able to ensure they are releasing the child to the correct parent. Parents must respect any arrangements in their child custody order that assign one or both of them this right. Confusion could lead to conflict.

Show unity if possible

Sometimes co-parents can remain cordial for the sake of their child. They may be able to attend parent-teacher conferences together or special school concerts or class parties together. This can help the child feel secure.

Even if parents are not on good enough terms to attend events together, they can take turns attending events, and update each other on how these events go. This way, they are both attending and aware of major events in their child’s life.

Back-to-school time looks different for parents who are newly divorced. It can be an adjustment, but parents can help support their child during these times by communicating and cooperating with one another and the school.