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Is asking for a prenuptial agreement a bad sign?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Family Law |

If you are planning to get married in Cincinnati, you may have some questions about prenuptial agreements, especially if your spouse brought it up or your family is encouraging you to bring it up.

Also known as an antenuptial agreement, a prenup is a contract between you and your future spouse that is executed prior to the marriage. It defines your respective rights and financial interests in case of a divorce. And, while some may think of it as a bad sign for the relationship or a sign of mistrust, that is simply not the truth (at least, not on its face).

Puts you on the same page

There are a lot of topics that you should discuss with your spouse prior to marriage, but often, many married couples do not discuss these topics until after they are married. And, unfortunately, some of these important topics could end in divorce, should there be a disagreement between the spouses.

With a prenup, you are forced to have an open and honest conversation about these important topics, like kids, assets, debts, finances and your respective expectations about marriage.

Marriage rights and responsibilities

The prenup can also clarify your rights and responsibilities during the marriage. It can protect your individual interests, like keeping your property or business assets separate.

Ensures an amicable divorce

Prenups can also help ensure that, should a divorce occur, it will be amicable because you are deciding now, when you are still in love, on how a separation should occur. This is a much more amicable time than if you wait for the relationship to become contentious.

Truth and consequences

A prenup can also help ensure truth and consequences for bad behavior. For example, if there is infidelity, abuse, gambling or other wrongdoing, the prenup can spell out consequences for such behavior. For example, a provision could outline that cheating could mean the forfeiture of assets, alimony payments, etc.

Prenups are beneficial

While prenups have gotten a bad rap, many are now coming to terms with the fact that they are actually beneficial for couples prior to marriage. And, should a marriage end, they provide a kind of divorce insurance.