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6 Things To Avoid If You Want To Settle Your Ohio Divorce In Your Favor

Getting a divorce can be an emotional, frustrating, and costly experience, particularly if you fail to avoid ten of the most critical aspects of successfully resolving the dissolution of your marriage. All too often, one of more individuals in a divorcing couple become so fixated on getting out of the marriage that important aspects are overlooked.

If you want to settle a divorce in your favor, it is important to pay attention to your long-range goals. After all, so does the other side. Find an experienced divorce attorney in Ohio and make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

Don’t Hide Money

In order to successfully settle a divorce in your favor, you need to follow the rules set forth by the legal system. Even if you believe that a certain amount of money is yours and yours only, you cannot hide it. Doing so makes you look dishonest, and it provides your spouse with a reason to suggest you are hiding more money or property. Plus, it will take longer or make it impossible to settle divorce in your favor.

Don’t Use Your Children to Get Back at Your Spouse

It is important to think about what is best for your children at all times before, during, and after you divorce. Remember to keep your children out of the situation as much as possible, except for when it pertains to them directly. Do not use your children to convince your spouse to sign documents or to give up possessions.

Don’t Forget to Hire an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Ohio

One of the first steps you should take in this type of situation is to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Whether you have a lot of property to distribute or not, the divorce process in Ohio, as well as in other states, is easier to understand when you have an attorney guide you through it.

Don’t Fight Over Foolish Aspects of the Divorce

Trying to settle a divorce in your favor doesn’t mean attempting to keep every single asset you and your spouse have accumulated. Focus on what you want to achieve and work toward that goal. If you want to successfully dissolve your marriage in as little time as possible and without incurring excessive legal fees, you need to make compromises with your spouse.

Don’t Take Advice from Friends or Family

While you should expect to get advice from family and friends, you should avoid taking it. Even though they may mean well, your friends and family are not directly involved in your divorce. They do not have a clear understanding of your emotional, mental, and financial needs during this time.

Don’t Become Involved with a New Partner

Jumping into a new relationship while trying to finalize a divorce can lead to disastrous consequences. Avoid the temptation to get back at your spouse or make yourself feel loved. You don’t want to become distracted at this time, nor do you want to become emotionally dependent on someone who may not be there for you when the final divorce papers are signed.

No one plans to get a divorce until the worst possible scenario happens and it is your turn in a long list of couples who give up trying to stay married. To settle a divorce in your favor, please reach out to an experienced attorney practicing in Ohio as soon as you make the decision.